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Given a BST, and an integer k, cut the BST vertically into two substrees A and B, where all nodes in

A pizza shop offers n pizzas along with m toppings. A customer plans to spend around x coins. The cu

Given a binary tree and a list of nodes say [n1, n2, .. nk], write a program to find the least comm

You are given a huge number of IPs in a list. Remove all duplicated addresses from the list.

Given an int n, return all possible representations of n in Fibonacci base.

Design and implement the Least Recently Used Cache with TTL(Time To Live)

Given a String, find the minimum number of deletions required to convert it into a palindrome.

Given an array of numbers, remove the increasing sequences until there is no change.

Given an integer n, return the representations in Fibonacci base for the integer from 1 to n.

Given a binary grid where 0 represents water and 1 represents land. An island is surrounded by water

Normal palindrome is defined as a string that reads the same backwards as forwards, for example "abc

Given an input string representing one word, write a method that returns the start and end indices o

Given an integer N which represents number of edges, where bases are always 2.Find how many trapezoi

Given an array return an integer indicating the minimum number of swap operations required to sort t