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Given a binary tree and a list of nodes say [n1, n2, .. nk], write a program to find the least comm

Given an array of numbers, remove the increasing sequences until there is no change.

Given an integer n, return the representations in Fibonacci base for the integer from 1 to n.

Given an int n, return all possible representations of n in Fibonacci base.

A pizza shop offers n pizzas along with m toppings. A customer plans to spend around x coins. The cu

Given a binary grid where 0 represents water and 1 represents land. An island is surrounded by water

Normal palindrome is defined as a string that reads the same backwards as forwards, for example "abc

Given an input string representing one word, write a method that returns the start and end indices o

Given an integer N which represents number of edges, where bases are always 2.Find how many trapezoi

Given an array return an integer indicating the minimum number of swap operations required to sort t

Given a run-length encoded string s and a width of a board. Assume that the board is filled from lef

Given 2 run-length encoded strings s and t. Determine if they represent the same string.

There are n students [0, ..., n-1] participate in a marathon. You are given an int array standings w

Given an encoded string str, return true if and only if this string contains the specified secret wo

Given 2 strings pin and guess. Write a function to provide a hint that indicates how digits in guess