1-to-1 Customized Full Stack Course

Gain full-stack software development expertise with 1-to-1 training from FANG engineers.

FANG Senior Engineer Private One-to-One Only live class.
A Program 100% Tailor Made for you.
100% Real 1-to-1 training with no recorded sessions or group classes.
7 * 24 online Q & A.
Any questions directly ask FANG Senior engineers.
Bring questions to the class.
Full-Stack Development
Hands on Coding
For Project and Interview
Resume/Project Deep Dive
For Interview
Project Helper
Project Consultation
For Work and Project

Resume/Project Deep Dive

Google/Meta/Amazon 15y+ Senior Engineer Private One-to-One Live class.
Live Class Only. No recording.
Followup Q & A.
Any questions directly ask Google/Meta/Amazon Senior Engineers.

For whom:
This program is suitable for anyone with an upcoming interview. All levels.

Use cases:
1) You have an interview with a resume deep dive or project deep dive round.

2) You have an upcoming interview, which pretty likely will discuss your past work experience as mentioned on your resume.
It could be a standalone round of a project deep dive, or it could also be part of the behavior/manager interview round.

3) More likely it will be incorporated into your system design interview.
In the system design interview, you will be given a system design topic to discuss, and the specific topic may vary based on your past experience.
The interviewer may choose a topic that aligns with your previous experience.
For example, if you have previously built a Leaderboard and mentioned it on your resume, then you may be asked to design a real-time, scalable global Leaderboard during the interview.
In this scenario, the interviewer will have higher expectations for your understanding of the topic, as you have already demonstrated experience in this area. Therefore, you should be prepared to discuss the topic in greater depth than what can be found in online resources. Through our program, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently navigate this interview and impress potential employers.

What we do:
We will go ahead find your a FAANG 15y+ engineers with a lot of industrial project experience and has conducted many interviews like this.

The scope:
We currently have trainers who possess prior experience in the following domains:
Data Platform

During the session:
During the session, your trainer will assist you in putting together the entire project architecture.
They will then engage in a detailed discussion of the project's specifics and listen to your description, providing advice for the interview.
After the session, you have be 100% confidient on this project. Any question thrown related to the experience is no longer a problem

Followup Q&A:
After the session, you can always leave a message for your trainer to continue inquiring about related questions.

Fast Schedule Guaranteed:
Flexible class time. Schedule your first session in 24 - 48 hrs guaranteed.

Please click on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom and provide a brief description of the project you would like to discuss.

Full-Stack Development

FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) Senior Engineer Private One-to-One Live class.
Live Class Only. No recording.
7 * 24 online Q & A.
Any questions directly ask FANG Senior Engineers.
Duration: Duration varies based on project; typically 1-4 months.
Class Time: Flexible based on your schedule. Our trainers are available on PDT.
Course Start Time: Course starts anytime, first session within 3 days.
Prerequisite: NONE
Tailored Project
Our 1-to-1 live training is customized to align with your past experience and interests.
The trainer will work with you to design the project.
Project Scope
- Frontend: UI, JavaScript, React, popular Frontend Frameworks...
- Backend: Development of a functional and scalable service layer using NodeJS, Python Frameworks or other Trending Backend Frameworks...
- Data Storage: Incorporate cache and data storage layers into your project. Select the cache and database that align with your interests and background with care...
- Cloud: Build and deploy your website or app natively on a cloud-based infrastructure like AWS without on-premises servers for greater scalability, reliability, and flexibility...
Real Projects not a Demo
It will be a workable website or app can handle medium amount of traffic. You can showcase the project on your Image placeholder GitHub and provide a live demonstration to potential interviewers...
Additionally, our trainer will carefully design the project with a real-world context.
Live Q&A
Your trainer is available to answer any questions you have. Simply leave a message for your trainer and they will respond promptly.
Beginner Friendly Guarantee
We offer programming fundamentals sessions designed specifically for beginners.
1-on-1 training ensures your trainer is aware of your progress.
Receive assistance from your trainer at any time to overcome any code blockers:
Learner: Help! My project cannot be built after installed the XXX package v3.0!
Trainer: Of course! Let's take a look. Can you share your stack trace with me?
Learner: Sure, here it is.
(Learner shares stack trace)
Trainer: Ah, I see the issue here. Let's try uninstalling the YYY package and installing the ZZZ package to see if that resolves the problem.
(Learner uninstalls and installs packages)
Trainer: Great, now let's try running the code again and see if it works.
(Learner runs code)
Learner: Yes, that worked! Thank you so much for your help.
Trainer: You're welcome! Don't hesitate to reach out if you run into any more issues or have any questions."
Resume Polish
This project will be added to your resume and polished by FANG senior engineers.
You will also receive extra sessions to review the project for your interviews, enabling you to confidently explain it to potential employers.
Senior Engineer as Trainers
We carefully select our trainers, ensuring that they have at least 10 years of experience as senior engineers.
We make sure that your trainer has extensive knowledge and significant experience in industrial projects.
Interview Oriented
Our trainers carefully choose projects based on your interview needs, selecting projects that offer:
- A better career path
- High market demand
- Alignment with your past engineering experience
- A timeline and interest that work for you


The program is divided into eight phases.

Phase 1: Establishing Foundations
Fundamental programming concepts, such as variables, arrays, conditionals, functions, and loops, through algorithmic thinking.
What is Full Stack development, and learn the essential knowledge of Frontend, Backend, Database and more...

Phase2: Web Development
HTML, CSS, JS, Git, Terminal, APIs, Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery
Checkpoint: After this phase, you will have a workable static website on your localhost,

Phase3: Backend Development
Popular server frameworks
Checkpoint: After this phase, you will have a workable dynamic website on your localhost.

Phase4: Data Storage
Popular Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, other NoSQL
Cache Layer: Redis
Data Management
Checkpoint: Here you can have a more complex dynamic website, like an E-Commerce Website or a Chat App.

Phase5: Launch to production
Domain/Hostname Registration
Load balancing, Redundancy, API Discovery...
Deployment Tools: Docker, CI/CD, ...
Checkpoint: Here you can have a workable website with hostname to showcase to potential employers.

Phase6: Advanced Modern Tools
We will upgrade your project with latest development techniques such as K8s, Docker, AWS, and more...

Phase7: How FAANG do project
You can learn about how FAANG do project.
- How Meta/Google/Amazon manages projects
- Agile Development
- Code Review, Version Control, Team Management
- Peer Review and Final Review

Phase8: Project review for the Interview
During this phase, our trainer will provide a deep dive into the project's architecture, preparing you for the project deep dive round during your interview.

100% Customized
This program is designed for all levels of experience.
As it is a one-to-one training program, regardless of your background, the trainer can customize the project to meet your needs.

Q: Can I learn so many techniques so quickly?
A: Since our establishment in 2016, our organization has been dedicated to delivering high-quality education in the interview preparation.
Our curriculum is meticulously crafted based on six years of learning science and has been continuously refined to meet the industry's evolving demands.
Moreover, our learning strategy and program have been proven successful by over 1k+ students.
We firmly believe that with your commitment and hard work, combined with the guidance and support from our expert trainers, you can thrive in the program and achieve your career goals by getting a bit offer in your dream company.
Additionally, since this is a one-to-one training program, you have the flexibility to communicate with your trainer and request them to pause and wait for you to catch up.
You can also ask them to review any concepts that you find challenging or provide you with additional study materials to help you strengthen your understanding.
Q: I don't have knowledge in React/Node/Redis/AWS..., can I still attend this course?
A: This course is suitable for beginners as no prior experience is required. The instructors will provide guidance on the fundamentals of the languages and frameworks being taught.
Moreover, the instructors will select a project with an appropriate level of difficulty based on the learning curve and your schedule, ensuring that you can make progress at a comfortable pace.
Q: What if I need help on job application after course completion?
A: If you need advice on job application, you are welcome to make an appointment with our instructors to discuss your case.
Q: Will students work on projects individually after class or receive instruction from the instructors?
A: Instructors of this course will guide you step-by-step to code and debug in class.
Price Range:
The cost is primarily determined by the amount of time the engineers put in, and we offer both small, short-term projects and larger, long-term ones. Once we define the scope of your project, we can provide you with a total cost estimate.
Teaching Quality Guaranteed:
We don't rely solely on the FANG for branding.
Our selection process is based on:
- The trainer being from a FANG or other Tier-1 company with 10+ years of experience.
- The trainer having solid hands-on experience.
- The trainer having built large-scale systems before.
- And most importantly, the trainer having a solid teaching experience.
We ensure that all our trainers have at least 100 hours of solid teaching experience.
Please click on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom.

Project Helper

FAANG Senior Engineer Private One-to-One Live class.
Live Class Only. No recording.
7 * 24 online Q & A.
Any questions directly ask FAANG Senior Engineers.

We will assign you FAANG senior engineer that help you build a website/app together.
Use cases:
For the interview: 1), need a strong project for the interview. 2), you have some work experience on the resume, but not sure how to explain it. Especially when you get the questions "Please tell me about your role on that project." or "Please show me the architecture of this system" For the development: 1), have trouble on part of some project, like bugs, system trouble shooting, evaluate the system architecture 2), blocked on the development. need to consult some guru. 3), not sure if your system is designed correctly. Looking for some insight on the optimizations. We Support:
Frontend Development Guidence Server side Development Guidence Data pipeline Development Guidence Length:
It could be a few sessions only ask questions you encounter during the development or what you see in the day to day work. Or it could be a 3 - 6 months long term program, your trainer will work together with you to build a website or app. How it works:
Tell us your project and what do you need. A simple description and send us an email. We will match with you a FANG senior engineer with related tech background. Start with the first session, tell your trainer the project. And work together with your trainer to finalize the design. Then meet regularly with your trainer. Your trainer assign you a list of materials, articles, videos and online courses before each session Ask questions 7*24. Your trainer will also followup your progress everyday. Schedule routine sessions with your trainer. Class time flexible. Bring questions to the class. Discuss with your trainer. Keep doing this until you master all the architectures and knowledge needed for the design interview. Your trainer gives you mock interviews and make sure you are ready for the interview  Final revise and upgrade your resume. 7 x 24 Q&A:
During the program, you can always leave a message for your trainer to continue inquiring about related questions.

Fast Schedule Guaranteed:
Flexible class time. Schedule your first session in 24 - 48 hrs guaranteed.

Please click on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom and provide a brief description of the project you would like to discuss.

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