One to One Algorithms and Coding Interview Course

The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures.

  • Algorithm Data Structure Problem Solving Questions Bank One-to-One Live Course

Who Should Enroll The Program?

1, who recently has interview coming
2, who need to pass the algorithm and coding interview
3, experienced engineers didn't touch algorithm for years
4, who feels not confident on their solutions
5, who can easily solve the exactly same questions but not the followups
6, who cannot finish the coding in the given time,
7, who is targeting FAANG.
8, who has no strategy how to land an offer

About Your Trainer

Senior engineers currently working at FANG.
Interviewed 100+ candidates.
5+ years experience.
Good at coding and algorithm.
Helped 100+ customers into FAANG

This Program offers:

One to One training

Your Personal Coding Trainer
Customized course for your unique background.

Customized Classes

All courses delivered real-time, one-to-one and customized to your needs. Save time on known subjects and get straight to where you have doubts.

On-trend Interview Experience Sharing

Learn problem solving with questions of your target company and get ahead of Leetcode.

Mock Interviews with Senior Interviewers

Pressure tests, Whole Rounds of Interviews with Interviewers of all Types

Bring Your Questions To the Class

Free Q&A. Make sure you really understand the solutions.

Monthly-updated Interview Questions

150+ Monthly-updated Interview Questions of Your Target Company in Year 2021 (for G, Fb, LinkedIn, Amazon, MS candidates) as Take-home Exercises.


Program 1: Algorithm + Coding

Class 1

Introduction to Coding Interview

  • How to address a problem - communication, boundary assumptions, edge cases, optimal approaches.
  • Standard Code Style - indents, comments, loops and conditional statements.
  • Code Test on Whiteboard
Class 2

Coding Language

  • Your choice of - Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, C#
  • Syntax, Loops and conditions, Complexity and big O notations, Nested loops, Parallel loops, Binary division, Hashing, Tree operations, Recursion,Factorial
  • Code Test on Whiteboard
Class 3


  • Single Pointer
  • Two Pointers - Brute Force
  • Two Pointers - Same End
  • Two Pointers - Different Ends
  • Binary Search and Variants
  • Quick Select
  • Sliding Window - Fixed Size
  • Two Pointers - Different Arrays
  • Meeting Room Problems
  • Merge Interval Problems
  • Multi-pointers
  • Greedy Algorithm
  • Kadane’s Algorithm
  • Gas Station Problem
  • Weighted Random Selection
  • Prefix Sum
  • Quick Sort/Merge Sort
  • Bucket Sort
  • 50 Essential Array Problems in Interview
Class 4


  • String Encode and Decode
  • Sliding Window - Flex Size
  • strStr() - KMP Algorithm
  • Two Pointers - Different Ends
  • Palindrome Problems - Manacher’s Algorithm
  • 20 Essential String Problems in Interview
Class 5

Data Structure Design Problems

  • HashTable, HashMap, Implementation
  • HashTable Collisions, Open Hashing, ReHashing
  • How to design a data structure?
Class 6

Queue and Stack

  • Intro to Depth First Search - Recursion to Stack + Iteration
  • Traverse Serialized Tree Structures
  • Monotonic Queue and Stack Problems
  • Rate Limiter
  • 20 Essential Queue and Stack Problems in Interview
Class 7

Multi-Dimensional Array

  • Transpose, Flip and Spiral Matrix
  • Matrix Problems
Class 8

Priority Queue

  • Heap Implementation
  • Top K Nearest Points
  • Median of Data Stream
  • Sort Almost-sorted Array
Class 9


  • Bit Manipulation
  • Bit Questions List
  • Bit Map
Class 10

Linked List

  • Single Linked List
  • Basic Linked List Operations
  • Reverse Linked List
  • Dummy Node
  • 2 Pointers
  • Nested Linked List
  • Double Linked List - Data Structure Design
  • 50 Essential Linked List Interview Questions
Class 11


Depth First Search
  • Clone Tree
  • Tree Depth
  • Top-down DFS
  • Bottom-up DFS
  • Symmetric Tree
  • Balanced Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Lowest Common Ancestor
  • Binary Tree to Double Linked List
  • Tournament Tree
  • Depth First Search Tree Arrays/Strings
  • 50 Essential DFS Tree Problems for Interview
Breath First Search
  • Shortest Path
  • Word Ladder
  • Double-Ended BFS
  • 10 Essential BFS Tree Problems for Interview
  • Trie Implementation
  • Word Search
  • BFS Trie Problems
  • Top K Recommended Google Search Terms
Binary Indexed Tree
Segment Tree

Class 12


  • 4 Most Seen Graph Input Formats in Interview
Depth First Search
  • Clone Graph
  • Number of Connected Components
  • Cycle Graph
  • Topological Sort
  • Bipartite
  • Sweeping Robot Problem
  • 20 Hard Depth First Search Graph Problems
Breath First Search
  • Dijkstra’s Algorithm
  • Multi-source BFS
  • Bipartite BFS
  • 10 Hard Breach First Search Graph Problems
Union Find
  • Union Find and Merge Sets
  • Minimum Spanning Tree
  • 20 Hard Union Find Problems
Class 13

Backtracking and Dynamic Programming

  • Divide and Conquer - to Think in Recursion and Math Induction
  • Combination vs Permutation
  • Coin Change Problems
  • NP Problems
  • How to Build Recursion Tree
  • Memorization
  • Intro to Dynamic Programming - When to Go Dynamic Programming
  • 1 Dimensional DP Problems
  • 2 Dimensional DP Problems
  • Knapsack
  • String Alignment
  • Palindrome Problems
  • Common Sequence Problems
  • Increasing Sequence Problems
  • DP in a Smart Way
  • 100 Essential Backtracking and DP Problems

Program 2: Algorithm + Coding (Advanced)

Coding Skills

Clean code, code refactoring, Validating Indexes/ Pointers

How to Code faster

How to be bug free

Advanced Algo

Network Flow,NP

Probability and Statistics

Ninja Coding Training Level 1

100 Medium Questions Training

Jedi Coding Training Level 2

50 Hard Questions Training

On-trend Interview Questions 300

exclusive on with Interview Exp/Solution Sharing from top companies

Pressure Test

Whiteboard Coding within the Limit of Time

Program 3: Coding Enhancement

Make Sure You Go Through Latest Questions Before Your Interview

150 Facebook Interview Questions
300 Google/Youtube Interview Questions
200 Amazon Interview Questions
150 LinkedIn Interview Questions
150 Microsoft Interview Questions

Exclusive Question Bank

Latest 2021 Interview Question of Apple, Airbnb, Yahoo, Walmart Lab, Ebay, Salesforce, Twitter, Box, Adobe, Oracle, Lyft, Cisco, and other top-tier companies.

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Coding Sandbag

Pressure Test
36 Mock Interview Practice within Time Limit