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Ace your FAANG interview!

AOneCode Coding Bootcamp

One-to-one Training by Google Meta Engineers

Live One-to-One Interview Bootcamp

We help you get software developer offers from Google, Meta and other top Silicon Valley companies. If you want to become a member of Google, Meta, Amazon or other top tier companies, we boost you up.

  • Best interview trainers. 10 year+ Google/Meta SDE.
  • 1:1 Training. Quality guaranteed.
  • 100% tailor made.
  • Flexible. Anytime.

What We Do:

  • We help you get offers from top tier companies :
  • Interested in receiving $300k+ Software Engineer offers from these companies?
    That's what we specialize in.
    (SDE and MLE offers now range from $300k to over $1M, with yearly surges. Check it out.)
  • We pride ourselves on pure One-to-One live training.
  • Every session is conducted by senior FANG engineers.
  • Bring any questions to the class, and choose topics you like to learn.
  • Regardless of your background, our trainers will tailor the pace of the training to suit you.
  • We only hire the Best Trainers with a minimum 100hr+ of training experience
  • Patterns, approaches, and materials are handcrafted by experienced trainers.
  • Book a session; the quality will speak for itself

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Alumni's Thank-you Notes

Messages from AOneCode Alumni and Enrolled Members.

Team AOne

Top-notch Service from Professionals

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Principal Data

17+ years experience in data engineering, phD in data science, Principal Engineer. Built from scratch multiple highly-scaled systems with the top companies. Specialized in system architecture and big data platforms.

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Principal Coding

Facebook E6 engineer, 10 years working in Bay Area, experienced interviewer, specialized in coding, algo and system design.

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Principal Interview

Google SDE, 7 years SDE and data scientist at hot startups, data team lead, specialized in algo, behavioral and presentations.

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Why AOneCode

AOneCode Mentor Other Courses
Every class is 1:1 Live Training by FAANG interviewer. Fully or mainly group video courses with a little proportion of private consulting. Videos or group courses are suboptimal as they are neither curved for your level nor interactive or responsive.
Skip the topics you knew and focus on the topics you need. Make every minute count prepping for your upcoming interview Courses are not designed for your skill level or a specific target company / title
Buildup your resume based on your unique experience. None
Google/Facebook engineers handcrafted this platform. We insist on presenting the firsthand resources from FANG recruiting. Platform stands in the middle incurring extra cost
All live classes. Recorded classes, dull learning experience. Few or no one-on-one session. Lack of opportunity to get advices from the lecturers.
Your trainer builds the study plan for you.
Your trainer knows your progress.
Different Strategies for volunteered and ordered learners, keeping incentives up
Students from different background all take the same course and use the same material without feedback on the progress
100% private live course 100% customized for you.