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Get Offers from Google Meta + Latest Programming Interview Questions

To Be Good At Programming Interviews

What we do?

We help you get software developer offers from Google, Meta and other top Silicon Valley companies.

What Makes Us Special?

We focus on getting you pass coding interviews. In other words, no matter what your background or programming skill level is, we concentrate on improving your algorithmic problem solving ability, which is the only thing that matters in the IT interview.
IT interview always picks the smart one. Established skill is secondary. If you were on CS, Math, EE, ME, Finance, BioChem or any Science/Engineering programs and want to become a member of Google, Meta or Amazon, we boost you up.

Why Us?

Proprietary One to One Programming with Senior Engineers with 5+ year Exp from Meta, Google ...

Mock Interviews

Whiteboarding with Real Interviewers
Behavior Test & Pressure Test

One to One Coding Class

Comprehensive Algo/Data Structure Elaboration
System Design Courses Led by Senior Engineers
Up-to-date on-site Interview Questions Sharing (latest and exclusive)

One to One System Design Class

Exclusive and Most Up-to-date System Design Topics
Answer All Your System Design Questions
Make You Standout Among the Candidates!


One To One Lectures

Algorithm and Coding Course

Algorithm and Coding Course
Coding interview preparation.

System Design Lecture

System Design Course

non-Computer Science Background Program

Help you directly get an Software Engineer offer without a Computer Science degree.
No CS degree? Want to learn coding? Need projects on your resume? We are here to help you.
One to One training with customized plan.

Coding Interview Bootcamp

3-6 months long term program customized for your unique background.
One to One training on Algorithm + System Design + Mock interview + real time Q&A + offer negotiation + etc, until you have an offer in hand.

Mock Interviews with Real Interviewers

Real interviewers from Google, FB, Amazon...
Get feedback and suggestions on how to improve.
Whole Rounds of Interviews with Interviewers of all Types. Pressure Tests.

Programming Interview Questions

Airbnb Coding Interview Questions
Google Coding Interview Questions
Meta Coding Interview Questions
Amazon Coding Interview Questions
Linkedin Coding Interview Questions
Uber Coding Interview Questions

Our Amazing Team

A Coach, A Buddy

Principal Data

15+ years experience in data engineering, phD in data science, Principal Engineer. Built from scratch multiple highly-scaled systems with the top companies. Specialized in system architecture and big data platforms.

Principal Coding

Facebook senior engineer, 8 years working in Bay Area, experienced interviewer, specialized in coding, algo and system design.

Principal Interview

Google SDE, 5 years SDE and data scientist at hot startups, data team lead, specialized in algo, behavioral and presentations.

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