One to One Algorithms and Coding Interview Course

The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures.

  • Algorithm Data Structure Problem Solving Questions Bank One-to-One Live Course
Google/FB Senior Engineer Private One-to-One Only live class.
Ask your trainer questions during the class.
Choose the topics you like to learn.
Bring questions to the class.

Private courses

Program1: Algorithm Class
Program2: Advanced Algorithm Class
Program3-1: Coding Practice Class
Program3-2: Interview Questions Practice(Recommended before the interview)
System Design
Mock Interview
Resume Review/Buildup
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Notice we are not regular coding bootcamp. No recording class. 100% private live course 100% customized for you.


AOneCode Private Class Other Coding Bootcamps
You can ask questions any time. Just go through the slides.
Skip the topics you already know and focus on the topics you need.
For example, spend more time on Dynamic Programming.
If you are already good with DP, we can move onto system design or other topics.
Courses are not customized for you
Buildup your resume based on your unique experience. None
We ourselves are Google/Facebook engineers and we build this platform ourselves. No middle man. Low cost. Platform stand in the middle to make money
All private classes. All recorded classes bad learning experience. Almost no one-to-one session. You have no opportunity to get advices from the lecturers.
Our trainer make the study plan for you
Your trainer know your progress.
Students from different background all take the same course and use the same slides.


Topics includes but not limited to (You can tell your trainer what you want to learn):

Coding Language

Program 1: Algorithm + Coding



Data Structure Design Problems

Queue and Stack

Multi-Dimensional Array

Priority Queue


Linked List


Depth First Search
Breath First Search
Binary Indexed Tree
Segment Tree
Advanced Tree Structures


Depth First Search
Breath First Search
Union Find

Backtracking and Dynamic Programming

Program 2: Algorithm + Coding (Advanced)

Coding Skills
Advanced Algo
Ninja Coding Training Level 1
Jedi Coding Training Level 2
On-trend Interview Questions 300
Pressure Test

Program 3: Coding Enhancement

Make Sure You Go Through Latest Questions Before Your Interview
Exclusive Question Bank
For Companies With Fixed Question Bank
Coding Sandbag