One to One Algorithms and Coding Interview Course

The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures.

  • Algorithm Data Structure Problem Solving Questions Bank One-to-One Live Course
Google/FB Senior Engineer Private One-to-One Only live class.
7 * 24 online Q & A.
Any questions directly ask Google/Meta senior engineers.
Choose the topics you like to learn.
Bring questions to the class.

Private courses

Program1: Algorithm Class
Program2: Advanced Algorithm Class
Program3-1: Coding Practice Class
Program3-2: Interview Questions Practice(Recommended before the interview)
System Design
Mock Interview
Resume Review/Buildup
And all above included ---- our Long Term Program. Give us 3-6 month and we land you an offer at FAANG.
Best financial investment ever!
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No recording class. 100% private live course 100% customized for you.


AOneCode Mentor Other Courses
Every class is 1:1 Live Training by FAANG interviewer. Fully or mainly group video courses with a little proportion of private consulting. Videos or group courses are suboptimal as they are neither curved for your level nor interactive or responsive.
Skip the topics you knew and focus on the topics you need. Make every minute count prepping for your upcoming interview Courses are not designed for your skill level or a specific target company / title
Buildup your resume based on your unique experience. None
Google/Facebook engineers handcrafted this platform. We insist on presenting the firsthand resources from FANG recruiting. Platform stands in the middle incurring extra cost
All live classes. Recorded classes, dull learning experience. Few or no one-on-one session. Lack of opportunity to get advices from the lecturers.
Your trainer builds the study plan for you.
Your trainer knows your progress.
Different Strategies for volunteered and ordered learners, keeping incentives up
Students from different background all take the same course and use the same material without feedback on the progress
100% private live course 100% customized for you.

How it works

Book a try class for only $49

Your trainer will design a detailed study plan for you

With detailed report listed out all the topics to cover

Start your journey from the right place on the road map

7X24 Q&A from Google/Meta Senior engineers

Ask questions any time
Each session comes with homework and materials.


Topics includes but not limited to (You can tell your trainer what you want to learn):

Coding Language

Program 1 : Algorithm + Coding

Program 1 is for Whom?
Rusty coding and problem solving;
Need clues on easy-medium problems;
Not sure about the bars of your interviews.

Programming Basics

Data Structures Basics


 5 more examples...

 3 more patterns...
 9 more examples...

 3 more patterns...
 8 more examples...

 2 more topics...

Hash Tables

 2 more topics...


 50 more exercises...

  Arrays and Strings


Binary Search


Queues and Stacks

 9 more Stack topics...
 3 more Queue topics...
 2 more patterns...

Priority Queue



Linked Lists



Depth First Search
Breath First Search


Depth First Search
Breath First Search


 2 more topics...
 4 more examples...
 3+ patterns...
 16+ more exercises...
 5+ more topics...

Program 2 : Algorithm + Coding (Advanced)

Coding Skills
  10 Newest Coding Question Patterns

Queues and Stacks II


Tree II

Depth First Search
Breath First Search
Binary Indexed Tree
Segment Tree
Advanced Tree Structures

Graph II

Depth First Search
Breath First Search
Union Find
Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Backtracking and Dynamic Programming


  Data Structure II

  Linked Lists II

  Data Structure Design Problems


 8+ more topics...

  Advanced Algo

Program 3 : Coding Enhancement

Coding Skills
  Ninja Coding Training Level 1
  Pirate Coding Training Level 2
  Jedi Coding Training Level 3
On-trend Interview Questions 300
Pressure Test
Make Sure You Go Through Latest Questions Before Your Interview
  Exclusive Question Bank
For Companies With Fixed Question Bank
Coding Sandbag

Long Term Program: 3-6 month