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To improve file transfer speed, a file is split into different portions and sent from multiple servers
Given a segment class,

In a list of words, find the shortest distance between word1 and word2

1, Closest K nodes to a target in BST? (Do it in O(n)?)

2, Nested List sum?

3, III. Square root of a number?

4, Expression operators? Add signs (+, -, *, /) to a string to form target

5, Top trending posts in last 5m, 1H, 1Day?

How to randomly select a number in an array?
array: [15, 2, 4, 5, 1, -2, 0]

Given a second array freq where freq[i] represents the occurrence of the ith number in array, how to randomly select a number in array based on the frequency.

Extra requirement:
Could you complete the selection in a single-pass(go through each array only once)?

Phone: - Questions from LC tagged LinkedIn.
- Get sqrt(x). Output a floored integer if result is not a perfect square. sqrt(18) = 4
- Implement BST, insert, delete, search.
- Design a dashboard for service logs stats (sort and aggregate). Scale from 1 to more machines. Discuss async and realtime as different scenarios.

Most Frequently Asked Linkedin Programming Interview Questions
  • LeetCode

    205 Isomorphic Strings Easy
    187 Repeated DNA Sequences Medium
    152 Maximum Product Subarray Medium
    65 Valid Number Hard
    150 Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation Medium
    243 Shortest Word Distance Easy
    245 Shortest Word Distance III Medium
    256 Paint House Easy
    244 Shortest Word Distance II Medium
    170 Two Sum III - Data structure design Easy
    198 House Robber Easy
    47 Permutations II Medium
    46 Permutations Medium
    23 Merge k Sorted Lists Hard
    173 Binary Search Tree Iterator Medium
    103 Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order Traversal Medium
    339 Nested List Weight Sum Easy
    50 Pow(x, n) Medium
    311 Sparse Matrix Multiplication Medium
    57 Insert Interval Hard
    277 Find the Celebrity Medium
    156 Binary Tree Upside Down Medium
    34 Search for a Range Medium
    101 Symmetric Tree Easy
    102 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal Medium
    236 Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree Medium
    238 Product of Array Except Self Medium
    33 Search in Rotated Sorted Array Medium
    149 Max Points on a Line Hard
    297 Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree Hard
    254 Factor Combinations Medium
    53 Maximum Subarray Easy
    104 Maximum Depth of Binary Tree Easy
    127 Word Ladder Medium
    56 Merge Intervals Medium
    21 Merge Two Sorted Lists Easy
    1 Two Sum Easy
    364 Nested List Weight Sum II Medium
    366 Find Leaves of Binary Tree Medium
    367 Valid Perfect Square Easy
    68 Text Justification Hard
    76 Minimum Window Substring Hard
    464 Can I Win Medium
    515 Find Largest Value in Each Tree Row Medium
    605 Can Place Flowers Easy
    633 Sum of Square Numbers Easy
    647 Palindromic Substrings Medium
    671 Second Minimum Node In a Binary Tree Easy
    698 Partition to K Equal Sum Subsets Medium
    716 Max Stack Hard
    730 Count Different Palindromic Subsequences Hard
    744 Find Smallest Letter Greater Than Target Easy

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