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Airbnb: Design webbrowser back button
Your web browser supports will support three actions: back, forward and open. The init webpage is “about:blank”.
Given a sequence of commands. Return the result page.

Min cost of flight from start to end if allowed at most k transfers.
Given all the flights in a string:
If k = 1,from A to C the best route is A->B->C at the cost of 200.

Airbnb Online Assessment Paginate List
2,14,141.1,San Jose
Here is a sample input. It’s a list generated by user search. (1,28,100.3,Paris) corresponds to (Host ID, List ID, Points, City).
5 in the first row tells each page at most keeps 5 records.
13 in the second row is the number of records in the list.
Please paginate the list for Airbnb by requirement:
1. When possible, two records with same host ID shouldn’t be in a page.
2. But if no more records with non-repetitive host ID can be found, fill up the page with the given input order (ordered by Points).

Most Frequently Asked Airbnb Programming Interview Questions
  • LeetCode

    198 House Robber Easy
    23 Merge k Sorted Lists Hard
    336 Palindrome Pairs Hard
    212 Word Search II Hard
    221 Maximal Square Medium
    251 Flatten 2D Vector Medium
    160 Intersection of Two Linked Lists Easy
    10 Regular Expression Matching Hard
    202 Happy Number Easy
    190 Reverse Bits Easy
    20 Valid Parentheses Easy
    108 Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree Easy
    269 Alien Dictionary Hard
    2 Add Two Numbers Medium
    220 Contains Duplicate III Medium
    136 Single Number Easy
    219 Contains Duplicate II Easy
    217 Contains Duplicate Easy
    1 Two Sum Easy
    227 Basic Calculator II Medium
    385 Mini Parser Medium
    68 Text Justification Hard
    415 Add Strings Easy
    751 IP to CIDR Easy
    755 Pour Water Medium
    756 Pyramid Transition Matrix Medium
    759 Employee Free Time Hard
    773 Sliding Puzzle Hard
    787 Cheapest Flights Within K Stops Medium
    42 Trapping Rain Water

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