Latest Uber Interview I

1/5 Round at Uber
Manager : Behavioral questions. Basic system design concepts.
Publish/subscribe model. Discussion on Uber architecture.

2/5 Round at Uber
Bar raiser - Behavioral questions. Coding: Find if a set of meetings overlap.
Meeting has a starttime and an endtime with accuracy to minute. All meetings take place in the same day. Do this in O(n) time.

3/5 Round at Uber
Coding: Subset sum. Follow-up: Optimize the solution.

public boolean meetingOverlap(int[][] meetings) {
        boolean[] schedule = new boolean[24 * 60];
        for(int[] time:meetings) {
            for(int i = time[0]; i <= time[1]; i++) {
                if(schedule[i]) return true;
                schedule[i] = true;
        return false;

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