One-To-One System Design Training

Grokking The System Design Interview

Senior Engineer Help You Pass System Design Interviews

The program offers:

Design and Build Applications from Scratch

Learn from Senior Engineers from Google and Facebook

Customize Projects

Select projects based on your interests, past experiences and your goal

Learn from the Seniors’ Notes

Present and explain to you the essential publications on hottest industry architectures

Master them all!

Big Data Platforms, High Frequency System, Distributed Systems, Data Analysis, DataBase Design etc…

Newest System Design Questions collected from our previous customers.

We will keep updating the list.

Design Instagram
Design Video Streaming App
Design Twitch
Design Big Data Storage
Design File System
Design Data Pipeline
Design Pig/Hive
Details into each level each component...

What you will learn after the course but not limited to:


How to score points on Sys Design Questions?

Standard procedures to answer Sys Design Questions?

7 aspects of Sys Design


SQL vs NoSql, DB Indexing...

How to write and read BIG SQL QUERY?

Data Management


Https, SSL, HTTP, Web Socket ...

Load Balancing. Server Deployment.

How to design a high frequency trading system?

Producer and Consumer

Web Crawlers. How to build a scalable crawler?


When to apply multithreading?

Read/Write Lock

Multithreading in practice?

Parallel Computing

Big Data

Hadoop, Map Reduce, HDFS...

Data Pipeline Design.


Storm. Basic architect. What makes Storm special?

Hot Data Store

Mysql, Redis, HBase ...

Principles of Databases. A comparison of Database Applications.

Chat System

How to design Facebook Chat?

How to design WeChat/WhatsApp?

Server Backend

Design Amazon

Design Flickr/Instagram

Design Real Time News App

Design Facebook News Feed

Frontend Design

iOS, JavaScript, Angular JS

How to integrate with the server backend?

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