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Facebook Senior Engineer On-site

There was no phone interview. Got to the onsite directly. It’s the second time interviewing at Facebook. Last year I got the feedback ‘Good coding though will hope for better design skills’. The position is senior level so no offer.

A year later they came to me saying that the performance from last time in document was great. So the phone interview is waived. I thought I’d spend 2 months preparing anyways. So on the way I applied for 2 other companies that after the interviews both gave me offers.

On the day of the FB interview, the traffic was mighty heavy. I was late for 10 minutes so we skip the recruiter chat and ran into the tech part.

There were 6 rounds in total.
One round of culture fit.
Two Rounds of System Design.
And three Rounds of coding.

1st Round

Question 1: Binary tree to doubly linked list.
Cleared quickly.
Question 2: Read 4K.
After discussion on the matter. I started coding. The interviewer kept interrupting with questions.
When there was five minutes left, I was about to finish. He again interrupted and told me to ask a question about Facebook. I said that there were only two statements left wouldn’t you let me finish the code. He rejected. I said I’ve got nothing to asked so we just stood there for 3 minutes without doing anything. Never seen an interview like this before. Quite an experience.

2nd Round

Culture fit. No coding.

3rd Round

Question: System Design POI (Point of Interest. Given a point, find things within a radius).


4th Round

Question 1: Decode way
Question 2: Random max index

5th Round

Question: System design + component wise design on download manager

6th Round

by manager
Question 1: Array intersect
Question 2: Determine if a tree is full

The next day recruiter send me a follow up email. I replied that 5 rounds out of 6 went well. But the interview last year went better than this one so I was thinking about accepting the other offers.
On the third day the recruiter asked me not to decide too quickly before the feedback arrives.
On the fourth day the feedback came but the recruiter said it was under discussion. So I will rather take one of the offers from Uber or Snapchat.

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