Nearest Points

There are N points arranged on a graph. Each point is in the format of an integer (x, y) coordinate intersection.

Write an Algorithm to find out the nearest point that shares either an x or an y coordinate with the queried point. If such points, return null(python None/java null). If two points have the same distance to the queried point, return the one with alphabetically smaller name.

Here use the Euclidean distance to calculate the distance of two points.


numOfPoints, int

pointNames, String[]

xCoordinates, int[]

yCoordinates, int[]

numOfQueries, int

queries, String[], the name of the queried points.

(1 < length of queries[i] and points[i] <= 10)


Return a list of strings representing the name of the nearest point of the queried point.



numOfCities = 3

cities = ["p1", "p2","p3"]

xCoordinates = [3, 2, 1]

yCoordinates = [3, 2, 3]

numOfQueries = 3

queries = ["p1", "p2", "p3"]


[“p3”, null , “p1”]

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