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Given a BST, and an integer k, cut the BST vertically into two substrees A and B, where all nodes in A <= k and all nodes in B > k.

Contrain: for any node A and it’s parent B in the original BST. If after the cut they are both in the same subtree. B should still be the parent of A.





        /         \

      20          60

     /   \         /  \

   10   30   55   70

k = 50





     /   \        

   10   30   




     /   \         

   55   70


List<TreeNode> cutBST(TreeNode root, int k);



Solve the problem:

# Definition for a binary tree node. # class TreeNode: # def __init__(self, x): # self.val = x # self.left = None # self.right = None def cutTree(root, k):

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