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When people send messages on their phones they sometimes modify word spelling by adding extra letters for emphasis. For example, if you want to emphasize hello you might write it hellloooooooo. Let's call the ls and the os word extensions. Regular text contains 2 or fewer of the same character in a row, while word extensions have 3 or more of the same character in a row. Given an input string representing one word, write a method that returns the start and end indices of all extensions in the word.

Example 1:

Input: "whaaaaatttsup"
Output: [[2, 6], [7, 9]]
"aaaaa" and "ttt" are twitching letters, so output their starting and ending points.
Example 2:

Input: "hellloooooooo"
Output: [[2, 4], [5, 12]]
Now we want to spell-check extended words. You are given a dictionary of words. Implement method isExtendedDictionaryWord that will return:

true if it is a dictionary word.
true if you collapse the extensions in the word and it is a dictionary word.
false otherwise.

class SpellChecker {
	public SpellChecker(List dict) {

	public boolean isExtendedDictionaryWord(String s) {

SpellChecker checker = new SpellChecker(["hello"]);
checker.isExtendedDictionaryWord("hello"); // true 
checker.isExtendedDictionaryWord("heeello"); // true 
checker.isExtendedDictionaryWord("xyz"); // false

Each extension can only be collapsed to appear once or twice, e.g. heeello can be heello or hello.

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